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Wolfman’s Lounge Episode #13

WHERE DOES HE GET THOSE WONDERFUL TOYS?!?! Josh and Mike dive deep and look back fondly at the weapons and toys of their childhood adventures!

Wolfman’s Lounge Episode #12

What’s better than anything with the word “VERSUS” in the title? The answer is, nothing…there is nothing better. In this episode it’s Josh VS Mike in a clash of movie titans!

Wolfman’s Lounge Episode #11

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? We ask that of all our prey before they listen to a new episode of THE WOLFMAN’S LOUNGE PODCAST!

Wolfman’s Lounge Episode #10

Josh and Mike travel back in time to drink cheap beer with beloved mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe! Join US!

Wolfman’s Lounge Episode #9

We’ve got a brand new episode of our highly entertaining, completely ridiculous, and totally radical podcast!