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Have you ever wondered how “A Nightmare on Elm Street” could return to the big screen? Tune in into our latest podcast to find out how and why we’d bring back the iconic franchise!


Freddy’s Revenge…you can bet your sweet ass we have plenty to say about this film! Tune into our latest podcast episode for one wild ride!


We adore horror films and love sharing our passion with anyone who’ll listen! Click to find out our underrated horror movies picks for this Halloween Season!

Wolfman’s Lounge: Episode 15

Is there anything better than a great film that has an unforgettable soundtrack? The answer is no…there is nothing better.

Galaxy of Terror (1981)

My first foray in the wide world of Alien ripoffs!

Wolfman’s Lounge Episode #12

What’s better than anything with the word “VERSUS” in the title? The answer is, nothing…there is nothing better. In this episode it’s Josh VS Mike in a clash of movie titans!

Stream of the Week – What We Do in the Shadows

A “documentary” about vampires living together in New Zealand that shouldn’t be missed!