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Horror Movie Hosting Tips

October is prime time for horror movie get togethers. Here is some advice to make sure people are begging for more AFTER the Halloween season has ended!

Lifeforce (1986)

“The Cinematic Sci-Fi event of the Eighties”

Popcorn (1991)

“Buy a bag, go home in a box!”

Movies that need a Blu Ray Release

There are so many entertaining movies that have yet to get a proper Blu Ray Release. Find out which ones we’re most desperate to get our wolf-y hands on!

Friday the 13th Part Six: Jason Lives (1986)

What? You didn’t think we were done with Friday the 13th yet did you? Ki ki ki ma ma ma baby!

Wolfman Mike’s Must Watch Halloween Horror Movies

Mike’s Halloween horror essential movies are here for you’re reading pleasure! Find out what makes the cut.

Wolfman Mike’s Halloween Horror Movie Guide

Struggling with what to watch this Halloween? Let us guide you through season!