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Podcast: The 3 Room Death Trap Dungeon Episode

Weary adventurer, a door to a mysterious dungeon stands before you. What do you do…?

Wolfman’s Lounge: The Gateway Game Episode

It’s time to journey back into the mystical realms of boardgames! JOIN US!


Do you and your friends have what it takes to solve the ghostly riddles of…MYSTERIUM?


Horror and boardgames. These are two subjects we not so humbly considered ourselves experts on. Tune in to find out the best horror boardgames in existence!

The Best Star Wars Mass Market Board Games

Happy Star Wars Day!

Wolfman’s Lounge Episode #10

Josh and Mike travel back in time to drink cheap beer with beloved mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe! Join US!

Mike’s Top Ten Anticipated Boardgames of 2017

We here at the Wolfman’s Lounge like games.  Not like mind games, drinking games, or even love games.  Well, maybe love games.  Scratch that…No, I’m talking about boardgames!  Previously, Josh examined the best 2016 had to offer.  If I could describe 2016 by way of a single movie scene it would be the soul shattering […]