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Wolfman’s Lounge: The Happy Birthday Episode

Josh and Mike take the time to share birthday gifts with each other. Tune in to find out what ridiculous thing Josh tries to eat. Spoiler – it does not end well!

The Halloween Highlights Episode (2017)

Josh and Mike take a moment to size up the 2017 Halloween Season. It’s been a great October and we hope you’ve enjoyed listening to us rant and rave about all things horror!

“The Bane of My Existence and Where’s Barry?”

Josh and Mike talk about their all time favorite horror themed videogames in this “oldie” episode of the podcast. JOIN US!


The sun has gone down and all the vampires have come out to play! Tune into a brand new episode of the Podcast where we discuss this mythical monster in grand fashion. JOIN US!

The Return to Crystal Lake

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! To celebrate we’ve created a very special episode of the podcast for you. It’s “Return to Crystal Lake” – The Woflman’s Lounge Friday the 13th Film Idea. Enjoy!

“My Girl Vera and MY Girl Debbie”

It’s time to revisit another classic podcast episode from last year! Let us recap and overanalyze the immortal Friday the 13th: Part 3!


Carving pumpkins, getting inebriated on pumpkin beer, and watching horror movies? Yup, it’s gotta be getting close to Halloween! Find out the best way to get ready for the holiday with the latest episode of The Wolfman’s Lounge!