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Suspira (1977)

Is it a nightmare or is it the Wolfman’s Lounge brand new Suspira Episode?

Podcast – The Spiderman Films

It’s time to pay our respects to two of the best superhero films EVER MADE. Join us!

The TV Episode

It’s time to journey into TV Land! JOIN US for a brand new episode of the Wolfman’s Lounge Podcast!

Wolfman’s Lounge: The Gateway Game Episode

It’s time to journey back into the mystical realms of boardgames! JOIN US!

Horror Movie Hosting Tips

October is prime time for horror movie get togethers. Here is some advice to make sure people are begging for more AFTER the Halloween season has ended!

Stranger Things Season 2!

Some doors can’t be closed……

Lifeforce (1986)

“The Cinematic Sci-Fi event of the Eighties”