Podcast: The 3 Room Death Trap Dungeon Episode

So you see the title “3 Room Death Trap Dungeon” in your podcast feed and we know that you’re befuddled. Don’t run, have some faith and join us for our STRANGEST podcasting adventure yet. We promise this will be worth your time.

Right now “live play” sessions of Dungeons and Dragons are all the rage. We’ve also noticed that our own D&D episode is one of the most popular we’ve ever recorded. So we decided to take that feedback and try something a little outside everyone’s comfort zone.

In this week’s episode Josh has designed a 3 room dungeon, that is made for the sole purpose of killing Mike’s character. Over and over again.

Death_TrapWill Mike’s Halfing Warlock figure out the traps and secrets of this dungeon? Will this story have a happy ending? Will our listeners abandon us forever? Tune in and find out on this week’s Wolfman’s Lounge!


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