You’ve waited and anticipated…Well the wait is over and it has finally arrived! The spectacular conclusion to our SNES V Genesis debate is now live. We leave no stone unturned as we both recall our fondest childhood memories of gaming with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. We briefly cover the classics that everyone knows and loves. Then we give a look to some of the lesser known games in the SNES’s library. Most importantly we weigh in and decide once and for all which of these two systems is the REAL WINNER of the 16-bit console war.

Nintendo’s attempt at 90s era attitude. The facial stubble makes Kirby look like he is attempting to cosplay as a pair of prepubescent testicles. 

These two episodes were so much fun to record. We both really love the 16-bit era of videogames and the discussions churned up lots of fun memories for the both of us. More importantly, it allowed us to look at this never ending console war with a fresh perspective and we’re really happy with our ultimate conclusion. So as always, please tune in and tell all of your friends. If you know people that love retrogaming we’d appreciate you spreading the love and helping us get the word out. We can’t say how much your support means to us. As always, tune in and JOIN US!

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