The Wolfman’s Lounge 80s Playlist


While you’re all anxiously awaiting for that second part of our SNES VS Genesis episode, I figured I’d share what was up until now a secret Wolfman’s Lounge artifact.  This, dear WML fans, is the 80s playlist we frequently listen to in our travels together, usually on our way to see a horror double feature.

The 80s were the era of excess and, let’s be honest, cheese.  I love a lot of that cheese, but I avoided many of the longstanding “essentials” in lieu of some different and, I think, better options.  There’s hits galore on this thing, but I’m going to pick “Girl U Want” over “Whip It”  when I’m selecting Devo tracks.  I also give 1979 a pass.  It’s close enough and there’s some great stuff in that one year.

So roll down the windows, blast these tunes and wish you had a new episode of ALF to watch on the tube tonight.  Use the shuffle button!  I didn’t order this at all.




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