Podcast: The SNES V Genesis Episode PART 1

“Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, when I was dead broke man I couldn’t picture this!”

When you are immortalized in a Notorious B.I.G. rap you know you made it in the 1990s. Unlike Biggie, who seemingly enjoyed both of these classic systems, most kids had to pick a side. You were either a Nintendo kid or a SEGA kid. One system had the heritage and well known franchises of the 1980s. The other was a brash, loudmouth with attitude who ruled the arcade scene. The result was one of the most spirited and lively “wars” in the history of videogames. Playground arguments happened, couples broke up, and dads stopped talking to their children. Yup. The SNES V Genesis was a big goddamn deal. It still is. The battle rages on among retro gamers, videogame enthusiasts, and collectors.


We here at the lounge lived through this bloody battle and it’s time to weigh in with our thoughts. So we’re going to take a couple of episodes to comb the depths of our memory banks and relay our nostalgia laced thoughts. We will also take the time to express what we think about these two systems today. At the end of Part II we will give our opinions about who the real winner of this war of the titans was/is.

In this week’s episode we look at SEGA’s offering that was first to hit the scene. Please like, listen and share the podcast with all your retro-gaming friends. We would love to hear feedback from you! As always, thanks for listening!

One comment

  1. It’s interesting because I always thought the SNES was much more powerful and by far had better games. Not one of those games on the Nintendon’t ad are remotely good games.


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