Wolfman’s Lounge: The Gateway Game Episode

We’re BACK! It’s been a long time, but we’ve arisen to assault your delicate minds with brand new podcasting goodness. To make up for our absence we decided to record an extra long episode, that is jam packed with information, hilarity, and madcap nonsense. You know, the stuff that we’re renown for.

In this week’s episode Josh and Mike have set their sights on the bustling world of “modern boardgaming”. In particular we dissect and discuss the infamous topic of “Gateway Games”. What’s a gateway game you humbly ask? Well, it’s this magical boardgame that once played will turn all of your friends into cardboard gaming junkies that will spend $10,000 a year on boardgaming Kickstarter projects and make them privy to arcane concepts like “deck building” “tableaus” and “worker placement”. Such a game clearly doesn’t exists and we do are damnedest to dispel any other silly fallacies that tend to undulate mysteriously around the boardgaming realm.

Well that didn’t take long to get weird. Anyways, learn what some of our favorite intro-level games are. Find out what five hour gaming experience isn’t too obtuse for you and your friends. Let us be your unsavory guides in this foreign cardboard and plastic jungle. Watch out! It’s a wandering Ticket to Ride and it looks rabid! Run for your goddamn lives!

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