Movies that need a Blu Ray Release

I’m an avid movie collector. Really, I’m a more of a purveyor of cult/bizarre cinema. When it comes to movies, that is what I seek out most. As someone who truly appreciates and loves movies it’s important that the viewing experience is optimal. I don’t want to stream a video or watch an illegally downloaded movie. No, I want high grade, cinematic fidelity. The picture should look like I’m watching something shot on 16mm or 35mm film and the sound should be loud and clear. This level of quality can really only be achieved with Blu Rays. Thankfully, we’re living in a proverbial golden age where all of these amazing cult horror movies are getting lavish Blu Ray releases. At times I feel like Charlie Bucket losing his goddamn mind at the corner candy store. So many outlandish “B movies” and other cinematic oddities have found a way into our homes thanks to companies like Scream Factory, Arrow Video, Kino Lorber and many more.

Despite this “golden age”, there are always going to be fairly popular movies that haven’t made the jump to Blu Ray. Slowly more and more titles get released, but I’ve compiled a small list of five films that NEED to be on the format. Let’s check them out shall we?


Few horror movies have ever gotten under my skin in quite the same way as Candyman. When I saw it as a kid it gave me nightmares for days. There is something about all of the urban rot mixed with the Bloody Mary style titular killer that is terrifyingly powerful on psychological level. Actor Tony Todd makes for a truly macabre villian and his performance is mesmerizing while still being horrific at all times.


It’s a fucking travesty that this movie hasn’t yet made the leap to Blu Ray. I can only imagine the depilated graffiti-covered city looking particularly amazing in HD. Candyman is a legit classic. It’s a dark urban fairy tale that lives up to repeat viewings and it NEEDS a lavish Bly Ray edition.

Little Monsters

This isn’t a horror movie perse, but it’s certainly a cult-classic from my childhood. Little Monsters stars everyone’s favorite 80s kid, Fred Savage, and big shot comedian Howie Mandel.  The plot deals with that timeframe of childhood when you SWEAR that something is living under your bed. Well, in Little Monsters that just happen to be the truth.


Think Monster’s Inc for the 80s creature kid and you’re not too far off. What plays out is a surreal kid’s adventure film where Fred Savage’s character actually befriends the thing under his bed. He heads off to the land of the these freakish beings and the whole thing sort of feels like young adult version of Clive Barker’s Night Breed. The monster’s world and the creature special effects are wonderful.  I can only imagine how amazing it would all look by making the jump to HD. There was a DVD release, but of course it is long out of print.  Which means it will cost you close to $50 space bucks if you want a copy.  No thanks! There is clearly a rabid following for this obscure film and fans deserve a new collector’s edition. Maybe it’s got an anniversary coming up that will prompt whoever hold’s the distrubutuon rights to re-release it!


We sadly lost George A Romero earlier this year and while he was most well known for his zombie films, he actually tackled numerous other genres. One of these other films is Martin, Romero’s take on the vampire. The plot follows a modern day man who claims to be a vampire. It apparently does that whole, is he a vampire or is he just crazy thing.


I say “apparently” because I’ve never been able to see this film! Like Little Monsters, it had a DVD release, but it’s out of print and the prices have skyrocketed. With Romero’s passing you’d have to imagine that people will want to check out all of his non-zombie films. So hopefully a company steps up and delivers a quality release of Martin.


Here is ANOTHER film I’ve never seen that I’m just begging gets some sort of Blu Ray release. Necronomincon is an anthology film from Brian Yunza (Society, Bride of Re-Animator) that I’ve always wanted to watch. I’m a huge Lovecraft fan and while I’ve heard mixed things about this film I’d like to see it to judge for myself.


To my knowledge this has never even seen a DVD release in America. I suppose I could dig my old VCR out of my parent’s house and watch a VHS copy, but fuck that…I want it on a Blu Ray! This one seems perfect for a company like Arrow Video to snatch up and give the royal treatment. Let’s hope it happens sooner than later.


One of my favorite horror sub-genres is the “creature feature”. Thanks to the hugely successful Gremlins, the 80s was home to a ton of films where little monsters would run amok. The Critters franchise was always one of my favorites. A mixture of an alien invader film with Gremlins style small town hi-jinks, Critters is silly popcorn entertainment at it’s finest. A big part of the appeal is the creature special effects created by the Chiodo Bros (Killer Klowns from Outer Space).


These little fuzzy alien bastards are full of character and steal every single scene. We’re treated to an extra layer of campininess because the film also features a pair of face-morphing bounty hunters. These guys rule. Witnessing them tear apart this tiny Podunk town while hunting the Critters is filled with unintended, madcap, hilarity. Not to mention over the top mayhem. Destruction and insanity ensues whenever they are on-screen. If you can’t tell, Critters is a riot! I’d love to see all four films in the series make the jump to HD. This is one of the more well known horror franchises to never see a Blu Ray release and it’s sort of baffling. Bring the Krites to HD please!

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