The Return to Crystal Lake

It’s finally here! Happy Friday the 13th to all the horror fans out there! Having this date land in October is some serendipitous shit. I mean…WE GOTTA CELEBRATE, AMIRITE? You bet your ass we do! We’ve had this date circled and decorated with adorable pink hearts for months. Obviously we had to deliver something related to the Friday the 13th franchise. We thought about a Top Ten list of camp counselors or maybe a podcast where we discuss Jason’s most ridiculous kills. It didn’t feel grandiose or ridiculous enough to commemorate such a monumental occasion. So instead we put our heads together…probably drank some booze and thought real hard. Then like a machete blade striking us in the face we had that “ah ha” moment of brilliant clarity. We were going to make up our own Friday the 13th Movie!


Why? Well, because each and everyone one of us has been robbed. Today was SUPPOSED to mark the triumphant return of Jason Vorhees to the big screen. Everything was all set and a brand new film was supposed to slash and maim its way across the globe on this very day. Then, like some idiotic camper, the film walked upstairs in a dark cabin and got itself murdered. Ousted like a candle in the wind and caught up in a horrible legal battle. It seemed like it might be 13 years until we actually get another film.

Until Josh and Mike came to the rescue! We’ve stepped up to the plate and delivered the goods. You want a classic style Friday the 13th film, well we’ve cooked one up for you! If you’re familiar with our two commentary style podcasts where we rampaged through Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 and Friday the 13th Part 3 then you’ll know exactly what to expect. Essentially, we’re just running through the highlights for you. Except this time we’re riffing on a movie that is 100% fabricated by the twisted minds here at the Lounge.


If you doubt us, tune in and find out for yourself. We think we’ve delivered a fairly faithful film that could have easily fit in with the earlier years of the franchise. That was our goal…to pay respect to the absurd campiness while conjuring up some fun kill scenes. We hope you have as much fun listening to this as we did making it. This was truly a labor of love and if you like it we encourage you to share it with as many people as you know! We’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions to our “movie”. Please drop us a comment and let us know how our Friday the 13th measures up. Thanks for listening and as always, keep spreading The Word of the Wolf!

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