“My Girl Vera and MY Girl Debbie”

It is officially Friday the 13th Week!  We are all kinds of excited here at the Lounge.  This week is like a holiday WITHIN a holiday for us!  PLUS, we’ve got a HUGE special episode ready to reveal on Friday, but first we gotta to take a trip down memory lane.  Yes, we’re going ALL THE WAY BACK to the year 2016.  Yep.  Short trip.

Welcome to the Woman’s Lounge Episode #2 – “My Girl Vera, and My Girl Debbie”.  Um, the name will make sense AFTER you listen to the episode.  And boy do you want to tune into this one!  For a while, both Josh and myself held it as the torch bearer to which all other episodes needed to live up to.  It’s a blow by blow, drunken commentary of Friday the 13th Part III: In 3D!  And sweet mama Voorhees…it is FUN!


Get your red and blue 3D glasses everyone!

You better believe this is one of the more ridiculous things you’ll listen to this week. If you’ve never heard this episode before we IMPLORE you to give it a listen.  For those of you who have already enjoyed it, well, why not listen again?!?  Can you really have enough Friday the 13th in your life this week?  Nah, I didn’t think so.  Please like, comment and SHARE this with everyone you know.  Come back on the Friday the 13th for a landmark episode of the Woflman’s Lounge.  Thanks for listening!

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