Top Ten Candy Bars

Candy! If there is one thing other than monsters or horror movies that Halloween is known for it is surely scrumptious candy. It’s the essence of the holiday in modern day America. As a child you would think of your most ghoulish costume months in advance because it was impossible to contain the sheer excitement of Halloween night. Dressed up in a costume, with your identity obscured to the masses, you go Trick or Treating in hopes of amassing your own personal Fort Knox of chocolatey riches. This of course was thwarted by your parents closely monitoring your candy intake the week following Halloween. Still, year in and year out Halloween would return and beckon all the children to stalk the night in search of treats.

Trick 'r Treat

At the Wolfman’s Lounge this obsession has never left our hearts. As two adults without children Josh and I can’t just dress up in a costume and go door to door begging for candy. We can however don a costume and HAND OUT candy. Yes, we can make our houses a spooky playground and become costumed madmen for one single evening. It’s glorious. Part of this enjoyment is being the house that hands out “good candy”. You know, the houses that give out copious amounts of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or even full size candy bars. The house that every kid wants to visit and not smash the pumpkins on later that evening.

Since we humbly consider ourselves experts on all matters of confectionery delights, we’re going to present you with The Wolfman’s Lounge Top Ten Candy Bars. Heed these words and take note! For we do not share this knowledge with those not worthy. Use what you learn here to make your house the best on the block this Halloween season!

10. 100 Grand – We start off with the sensational 100 Grand Bar. A chocolate and crisped rice coating is cloaked over a caramel core for a delightful treat. It’s like a Nestle Crunch and Caramello met up at a cocktail mixer and 9 months later this baby was born! This bar is often overlooked, but here at the Lounge…we know just how satisfying it truly is.


9. Take 5 – When you take something sweet and you mix it with something salty, you’ve got candy bar nirvana. The Take 5 bar was clearly concocted by a human with absolutely ZERO restraint. Chocolate, peanuts, peanut butter, pretzels, AND caramel! It’s arguably too much, since nothing really stands out. However, this work of an insane chocolatier really resonates with its kitchen sink design and unique flavor.


8. Carmello – Caramel is one of the key ingredients to most candy bars. Caramello wisely decides to make this ingredient the STAR. The sweet, milk chocolate exterior is merely there to contain the liquid, gooey, caramel gold found in the center of each bar. A simple combination that takes two sweet ingredients and does them to damn near perfection.


7. Hershey Chocolate Bar – It’s hard to argue with the simplicity of a Hershey Chocolate Bar. There is nothing fancy to be found within its paper and foil packaging. However, one single nibble reveals a nostalgic kick to your cerebral core that instantly brings you joy. Eating one of these bars is like a reminder of when you first discovered chocolate as a child. Pure and blissful happiness.


6. Twix – Is there anything possibly better than a candy bar? Did someone say cookies? You might be correct. Thanks to Twix bars you can have both. A Twix is essentially a cookie that takes a bath in caramel, and then dries off with a chocolate towel. The end result is something so mouth watering, and delicious that they knew you NEEDED two of them. Thankfully, they come packaged in pairs.


5. Wonka Bar – We’re in the top five and this is a candy bar that is currently out of production! It’s some sort food crime that we can’t walk into a store and buy fistfuls of Wonka Bars. The last time I wrapped my lips around one was around 2010. It’s a soft, milk chocolate bar that is punctuated with graham cracker bits. The flavor profile was intoxicating. The sweetness of the chocolate was offset by the hidden molasses treasures hidden within. It was utterly divine in every way. THIS NEEDS TO COME BACK!


4.Whatchamacallit – Many candy bars use “crisps” or crisped rice to give them a crunchy texture. The Whatchamacallit bar takes this to the extreme. The entire core of the bar is a sophisticated union of crisped rice and peanut butter. Layered on top of this mixture is a thin caramel blanket and the whole thing is dipped in chocolate. Its crispy, nutty, core is a dramatic crunchy bit of ecstasy. It seems to be completely underrated, but it’s a candy bar to be reckoned with. It scores high marks in originality and taste…but it’s also just fun to say its name!


3. Payday – Do you like salt? Do you NEED salt? If so, you are more than likely a slave to the Salt Goddess better known as Payday! This sultry mistress of a candy bar is so simple, and yet there is nothing else like it. Essentially, a small block of caramel is assaulted by an army of the saltiest peanuts on Planet Earth. The end result is like biting into the crunchiest, saltiest caramel of your life. The caramel offsets the saltiness just enough so that your tongue doesn’t turn into a proverbial parched desert. It’s what I like to call dangerously delicious.


2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – For many, this is the Holy Grail of candy. It is often imitated, but nothing come close to toppling it. For peanut butter fans its grainy, sugary, processed peanut butter mixture is the taste of the Halloween season. Manufacturer Hershey seems to know this as they even come up with Halloween themed ads each year. There is a reason why peanut butter and chocolate is such a hugely popular combination. This is where that obsession was probably birthed!


1. Fifth Avenue – Here it is my little “boils and ghouls”! The greatest candy bar in the entire Multiverse. A Fifth Avenue is similar in construction to that of a Butterfinger. However, the layered, crispy, crystalline peanut butter sheets, contained under the rippled chocolate coating is simply perfection. The noticeable crispiness is satisfying upon your initial nibble, but your taste buds are then immediately swept away thanks to a unique combination of peanut butter, sugar, and saltiness. As a peanut butter fanatic, it is astonishingly addictive. There is nothing that comes close in the entire realm of candy bars to the Fifth Avenue. Its relative obscure store presence certainly doesn’t help matters. However, next time you go to reach for something completely lame like a Snickers or a Milky Walk…don’t! Instead, scan the candy bars until you find the modest brown and yellow packaging of a Fifth Avenue. You might as well make it a King-Size because you’re going to want to eat at least two of them!



  1. Sensing a trend here Mike. You like caramel and peanut butter?

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  2. To be fair…I feel like 95% of candy bars feature caramel in some capacity. You got me on peanut butter though…I’m a full blown addict!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have to agree that the Fifth Avenue is great. it’s a close second for me. My number one spot is taken by the Heath bar, AKA “Dad Candy” here at The Lounge.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m sure in a few years the Heath bar will inevitably climb to my number one spot. You can’t outrun Dad Candy….

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