“Twenty three more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, twenty three more days till Halloween, Silver Shamrock!” Is that silly little jingle hopelessly LODGED into your brain?  Good!  It’s merely step one to getting ready for the Halloween season!

Yes, the greatest holiday of the year is merely weeks away!  We’re trying not to explode in rapturous excitement.  To tide us over we typically do all sorts of Fall/Halloween activities to get us primed and ready for the big day.


Losing a tooth in apple?  Just the tip of the iceberg on why bobbing for apples SUCKS!

What sort of stuff?  Glad you asked! Tune into our latest episode of the Wolfman’s Lounge Podcast to find out Josh and Mike’s favorite Autumn activities to get ready for Halloween!  We also might just sway you against some Halloween traditions that need to go the way of the dodo bird.

Go grab something sharp and pointy because it’s jack-o-latern carving season!  Imbibe ALL the hard cider your liver can handle.  Most importantly…JOIN US!  Please like, share, and comment with all your favorite Halloween traditions and activities!  Keep howling!



  1. Listening to your podcast brought back memories of when I used to volunteer at the town of Windsor haunted house. My uncle and I would have to come up with themes for the room that we would be assigned to for the evening. One year we decided to go with a lunatic asylum. We convince some family members to dress up as lunatics to help us out. For most of them dressing up as lunatics was not much of a stretch. My uncle played the crazed doctor and I was the patient undergoing a vivisection.

    I wanted my costume to look as good as possible so I hunted around for some kind of material that would look like skin. My thoughts were to cut a Y incision into it and fill the cavity with fake organs and fake blood. I even borrowed a few hemostats from a friend to hold the incision open so it would look more authentic. Only problem I was not able to find any spirit gum to hold the material to my chest. What did I use? Good question. I figured rubber cement would make a good substitute for spirit gum. I was very very wrong.

    Things were fine for the first 30 minutes. Then the area where I had applied the rubber cement started to burn very badly. So bad that you could still see the outline of the Burns a year later. I did my best to tough it out but I couldn’t go the whole night that way. When the actors got a chance to stop for a break I had to pull it off. Took some skin with it. I definitely should’ve spent more time reading the warning label.

    To finish the night I got into the body bag that we had a dummy in sitting on a gurney over by the exit to the room. As people would walk out of the room I would grab them. This got more scares then my vivisection. If you really think about it, we replaced one dummy for another in that body bag. Probably should’ve done in the first place instead of going through all the theatrics and pain.


  2. Also, another great show. Keep ‘em coming and thanks.


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