Wolfman’s Lounge Horror Playlist

Wondering how in the world you can possibly inject more horror into your everyday existence?  Put down that fucking needle filled with melted candy corn goo you wide-eyed simpleton!  The Wolfman’s Lounge is here to help!  We’ve cooked up a Spotify playlist for the Witching Season that is sure to please even the pickiest of horror fans.


What not to expect?

For the most part we tried to avoid schmaltzy, tacky, shit that gets put on “Halloween Playlists” like the barf inducing “Monster Mash” or the not as great as you remembered “Somebody’s Watching Me”.  Also, we really tried to avoid just shoving a bunch of songs with Halloween-ish sounding names like “Witchy Woman”, “The Monster”  or “Superstition”.  That’s just fucking lazy. Make no mistake…this isn’t a Halloween party playlist.  I mean you could put it on during your Halloween party but the chick in the “Sexy” Zombie costume is going to bitch and moan about the lack of Rhianna.  Sorry.

What to expect when you’re expecting…HORROR?

This playlist invokes a sense of atmosphere and general horror moodiness that treats the season with the respect that it deserves.  Yet it still maintains a playful sense of fun.  Do you like synthesizers?  Well, you had damn well better because this list is PACKED like an overstuffed coffin with synth jams from the likes of Timecop1983, Le Matos, Carpenter Brut and more.  Expect WAVES of magical synth sounds to wash over you like John Carpenter is personally rubbing out a soundtrack song right in your face each time you crank this list in your car.  Trust us…it feels right.  Honestly, we could have just filled this whole damn thing with John Carpenter soundtracks and called it a day.  Since we love you, we decided to go the extra mile.  You’re welcome!

Along with moody synth pieces, there are plenty of songs from popular horror movies on the list.  Jam along to the theme song of Deep Red, Phantasm, and more. Some of these also contain synthesizers because apparently it’s the number one instrument for composing devil smooching, throat slashing, creature feature, horror music.

We’ve tossed in some rock anthems and punk rock cuts from the likes of Alice Cooper, The Misfits, Rush, and Iron Maiden.  Plus there are a few videogame musical surprise sprinkled about like hidden bits of cookie dough in this ice cream playlist metaphor.  The rest you’ll just have to hear for yourself.  Check out the list below and follow it on Spotify:

Pumpkin SPICED Playlist

Oh yeah, it’s also got Michael Jackson’s Thriller because it’s the greatest Halloween song ever fucking written.  Don’t think for a MINUTE that we’d leave it off our list.  Happy Listening and keep howling!



  1. Nature trail to Hell “In 3-D!”. I had all but forgotten about that song. Great list. Weird All ROCKS!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Al, not all. Damn fat fingers!


  3. I just read the titled, “Nature Trail to Hell in 3-D” and the chorus gets stuck in my head for HOURS! Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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