Are you ready to “Rock Until You Drop and Dance Until Your Feet Fall Off?”  How about kicking a Wolfman in the mother fuckin’ nards?  Yup.  We’re starting off the Halloween season with a tribute to one of Josh and Mike’s favorite films…The Monster Squad.

If you’ve never seen this cult classic before it’s arguably the best way to begin your Halloween season.  The film has everything you could possibly want to get your horror juices flowing. All your friends and classic horror tropes are here from Dracula and The Wolfman, to Van Helsing and a scary German guy.  Don’t look at me like that…that’s what they call him in the movie!  Plus, there is even a bona-fide 80s “prepping for the final confrontation” montage.  If that doesn’t get you all hot and bothered like Dracula eye fucking the shit out of someone’s scrumptious looking throat than you’re probably already dead.  Some folks just can’t be helped.


In short, The Monster Squad is like the unofficial, final, Universal Monster movie that we never really got.  It’s a meticulously detailed love letter to both the Universal Monsters as well as the sexed up, bloodier, Hammer Horror films.  If you have any reverence for classic monsters or classic horror cinema than you’ll probably adore The Monster Squad.  It takes those old movies and mashes it up with a 1980s kid’s adventure romp.  The common elevator pitch is The Goonies meet the Universal Monsters.  It’s a fairly accurate description.  Couple this idea with exquisite practical creature effects from Stan Winston and you have the makings of a film that FEELS like it fits right in with the old classics.

Tune in as we shower The Monster Squad in the praise and adoration that it ABSOLUTELY deserves.  It’s a favorite of both Josh and Mike dating back to their childhoods.  Please comment, like, or share this post if you enjoy what you hear.  We love to discuss horror especially in October.  Hit us up and let us know how we’re doing.  Keep Howling.

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