Happy October 1st

Finally! October 1st has arrived and with it brings the “official” start to the Halloween season. Of course we’ve been in full horror/Halloween mode since late August here at the Lounge, but as of today we’re kicking things into top gear. As I’m tickling my keyboard typing out this article I’m listening to The Lost Boys Soundtrack, drinking Pumpkin Spice Coffee, and pondering what horror film I’ll be watching tonight. In October one can never over-indulge in seasonal goodness. I’m of the mentality that this month is meant to be lived like a cocker spaniel trapped in a pastry shop where no humans are around to contain me. Essentially, I’ll keep gorging myself with horror accouterments until I explode into a spectacular mess of candy corn, blood colored Karo-syrup, and Count Chocula. Hey, if you gotta go…go with a smile!


To help you all get in the Halloween mood we’re going to be assaulting you with (hopefully) daily updates. Also, we will have a new episode of The Wolfman’s Lounge Podcast dropping every Sunday night throughout the month. Expect articles that point you in the direction of movies, videogames, music, comics, books, drinks, candy…whatever we feel helps in celebrating the Holiday. We might even have a big giveaway towards the end of the month. The details are still being ironed out. We hope you enjoy the content we put out and if you like any of it please follow us or give us a share! Thanks for reading and keep howling!

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