Welcome back to a brand new episode of The Wolfman’s Lounge Podcast!  Hopefully our weekly horror episodes have been getting you fully primed and ready for the Halloween Season.  In case you needed further prodding we’re going to invade your headspace with some Nightmare on Elm Street goodness.  You don’t want to hear us talk about the first film.  What could we possibly tell you that hasn’t already been said?  Instead you wanna hear Josh and Mike tear through the black sheep of the series: A Nightmare on Elm Street Part II: Freddy’s Revenge!



Trust us when we tell you that you DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE!  Last year we gleefully picked apart Friday the 13 Part III…in 3D and you can consider this a sequel to that very special episode.  This was so much fun to record because let’s be honest, Freddy’s Revenge is a completely insane, and bizarre film.  It’s so fucking weird!  We know that many Nightmare fans considered it to be the worst movie in the series, but we would strongly disagree.


Like it or hate it Freddy’s Revenge has gone on to become a cult classic in it’s own right.  Also, thanks to it’s script that features heavy subtext about the main character dealing with questions of his own sexuality it’s also become a very important film in the horror genre.  That alone garners it plenty of respect from us here at the Lounge.  If you’ve hated the movie for what it isn’t instead of what it is, then we implore you (as we always do) to OPEN YOUR MIND!  Give our episode a listen and join us in celebrating/dissecting one of the most batshit insane mainstream horror sequels of all time.  Please comment, like, or share the podcast if you like what you hear!  We truly appreciate it.  Thanks!

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  1. The Wolfman’s Lounge owes me and the guy I rear ended $8700 for auto damages sustained while laughing at this episode. My lawyer will be in touch soon.

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