If you’re a fan of this site, there is a pretty good chance you’re into horror movies.  Even if you’re not typically into horror, maybe we can change that.  Let Josh and Mike be your personal Pied Pipers of the Macabre as they navigate through the dangerous terrain of the horror movie genre.  You’re bound to find Triceratops size piles of shit while combing the depths of the genre.  It’s unavoidable.  However, buried deep within the dung heap is the ultimate prize…the hidden horror gem!  There is no better feeling than digging up one of these fantastic movies that totally surprises you with it’s greatness.


Tune into our latest podcast to get a handful of underrated horror movies from both Josh and Mike.  Please let us know how we’re doing…we love hearing from people.  Also, if you’ve already done some digging of your own, please give us your recommendations of overlooked horror movies.  We’re always eager to discover a new favorite.  Thanks for listening as always.  Keep howling!



  1. Great episode guys. I never saw The Blob remake, but now knowing it scarred Josh, I will have to check it out. I had forgotten all about Black Sabbath. I need to watch that one again. Speaking of Italian horror movies, and not sure if it’s underrated, but I think Suspiria kind of falls into this category because every one I seem to talk to will say it’s a great movie, but it seems like no one has seen it.

    As far as IMHO underrated horror movies I enjoy and watch Dead Alive and The Frightners every Halloween season. Both directed by Peter Jackson before he went all LOTR CGI all over every movie he touches.

    Also, for a good ghost story and you don’t mind subtitles, check out The Devil’s Backbone directed by Guillermo del Toro.

    One more. A movie that gave me weird dreams for weeks after I saw it, Jeepers Creepers.

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  2. The Blob remake is one of the last great creature features that capitalized on the wonderful special effects of the era. It’s totally goopy, gross, icky, and amazing. Everything you want from a 80s horror flick. It doesn’t seem to be too popular though.

    Suspira shows up on just about every “Must Watch” horror list worth a damn, but it doesn’t seem to actually get discussed all that often. I think part of the reason was that it was impossible to find the out of print DVD for several years. It’s just now available to stream on certain platforms and the 4K Blu Ray is finally coming! Also, I think once the remake lands people will go back and revisit it…and they’ll realize just how incredible it really is.

    Good call on Peter Jackson’s earlier stuff. It’s all classic and I love…LOVE…love The Frighteners! I wish he’d pull a Sam Raimi and return to horror again for another classic insane splatter film.

    Love The Devil’s Backbone. Can’t wait until Del Toro’s The Shape of Water hits theaters. Beyond excited for that one!

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  3. I watched The Blob yesterday. Yes, the sink scene was quite gruesome. In fact the whole movie was.
    Loved the phonebooth scene.
    Hollywood needs to go back to practice special effects, no doubt about it.
    I was surprised to see it was Chuck Russell that directed it. Was also surprised to see how long of a hiatus he seems to take between movies.


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