Welcome back!  We are officially in the Halloween season here at the Wolfman’s Lounge. The weather has started to get cooler, leaves on the trees are changing to a lush firework display of oranges, reds and yellows, and pumpkin spice flavored EVERYTHING is hitting stores.  Frankly it’s our favorite time of the year.  So get ready for a full on bombardment of horror, haunts, spooks, and fun.  We have tons of projects to entertain you with, but first we’re gonna hit you with a brand new episode of our podcast that is so damn good even vampires love it.  We’re breaking down barriers folks!

Our latest episode sees Josh and Mike pontificating about a two topics very dear to them. Horror and boardgames.  Without Boardgames the Wolfman’s Lounge would not exist.  It’s a topic that we know all to well.  Some might even call us experts on the subject.  Tune in as we let you know how to best experience the horror genre in the world of tabletop boardgames!  Please drop us a comment, share the podcast on Facebook, or just start following this site! Thanks!

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