Stream of the Week – Makkhi

Welcome to the first of a brand new weekly feature were someone at the Wolfman’s Lounge tells you about a must see movie that is currently streaming online. For now we’ll stick the major streaming sites (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu), but if this proves popular enough who knows where it will go. Enough with the boring preamble, let’s get to the STREAM!

In our inaugural edition of “Stream of the Week” Mike has decided to point you in the direction of Netflix. Go ahead and log in, once you do search for a film named Makkhi. It’s got terrible ratings or stars or whatever the fuck Netflix is using these days. DISREGARD the negative ratings, these were clearly doled out by fucking fools who sit around sniffing Elmer’s Glue and watching Rob Schneider “comedies”.

If you’re brave enough to press play you will be treated to one of the most off the wall, truly fucking bizarre, motion pictures that your eyeballs will ever witness. I’ve seen some shit in my day, and I wasn’t prepared for what Makkhi had in store for me. I mean that in the best possible way. Words cannot express how happy I am that I decided to watch this movie. Here’s a brief synopsis:

There is a young boy who is trying to woo a young girl. After two years of being the nicest motherfucker on the planet he finally starts making a little headway. In steps in some rich, greedy, playboy, dirtbag who also wants the same girl. This plays out exactly how you think it will. Yup, the rich guy straight up MURDERS the nice guy, who is then re-incarnated as your average, everyday, house fly to exact his revenge!

Mahhki- sudeep

Look upon the face of a man that knows an everyday house fly is out to kill him.  

To say anymore would be a disservice to you. Just let me repeat AND stress that this is a revenge film about a guy reincarnated as an ordinary house fly. It’s played mostly straight, and our hero needs to kill a man using only the abilities of a house fly. It’s as ridiculous as it sounds, and I PROMISE you that it’s even more entertaining than you think it is.  Shakespeare is rolling around in his grave because he never conjured up such a nuanced and divine tale of tragedy, loss and revenge!

This is a Bollywood picture and while I haven’t dabbled into India’s finest films too much, if they’re anything like Makkhi I can’t wait to uncover more! Yes, there are some dance numbers and singing, but it all just adds to completely batshit insane tone. Expand your horizons just a bit and you’ll be rewarded with cinematic nirvana.

Mahkki- Samantha

Admit it…you’d come back from the dead as a Fly for this girl.

This film is also known as Eega and I’m not quite sure why there is a different title. Just know that when you’re searching for this on Netflix it’s Makkhi. I implore you to check it out. If you do let us know what you think. Also, if there is some ridiculous and awesome movie currently streaming that we should be aware of feel free to drop us a comment!

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