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And the Award Goes to…

So tonight is the Academy Awards…the Oscars.  It’s the night where every armchair movie critic comes out of the woodwork and starts rooting for their favorite films like they’re the Chicago fucking Cubbies.  I’ll level with you, I dislike The Oscars.  Wait, no that doesn’t quite do it justice.  I FUCKING LOATHE The Oscars.  I […]

Let Me Tell You About Ozma.

Warp me back at 88, if only for one day.

Defining Bad

Let’s consider the word “bad” for a quick second, and specifically what I mean when I say a movie is “bad.” You, me, and everybody else, has a movie that we describe as “bad” that we will recommend to every sentient being we encounter. And yet somehow we all have encountered a friend, acquaintance, relative, […]

The NES Classic Edition

There and Back Again by 1:00 AM: A Nostalgists Tale

In Search of Combo Man!

Why settle for one hero when you can have over a dozen.