Girl Scouts Thin Mints Cereal Review!


I can’t think of many packaged cookies I enjoyed more as a kid than Thin Mints.  Maybe Double Stuf Oreos, but those were easily acquired with a trip to the grocery store.  If you wanted Thin Mints, you had to wait for the opportunity to buy them to come to you.  That made them special.  As an adult, I’m way less into mint, but it’s easy to understand why Thin Mints were so appealing to my younger self.  You had chocolate.  You had mint.  They were accessible.  My adult palette prefers Samoas, but as a kid that shit just seemed complicated and overly decadent.

When I was on a recent trip to Target (aka, The Thinking Man’s Walmart), I spotted the new Thin Mints Cereal, and I was struck with a sort of surprise.  Cookie Crisp had disappeared for awhile, and while it’s back, I still thought modern parents looked down upon eating cookies for breakfast.  Or are these specifically for people like me?  Is all cereal for children really just for me at this point?  I think so, but that’s neither here nor there, I couldn’t resist picking a box up.  Even if Thin Mints are no longer my favorite, I figured I might be voting with my dollars.  If these are a thing, could Samoas or Tagalongs be in the works?


Upon opening the box, you’re immediately hit with an unmistakable scent.  My nose sent the signal to my brain that said, “Holy shit, you’re about to eat Thin Mints for breakfast.”  My brain was like, “Yeah, that definitely smells like Thin Mints.  Tell hands to stop taking pictures of it like a nerd and hurry up and get to the business of eating it.”  As far as flavor goes, it’s a close match, but it is less chocolate and less mint than an actual Thin Mint cookie.  This isn’t a bad thing because that would be kind of weird.  But it’s a close match.  Plus, these things stay real crunchy throughout the entire eating session.  Yes, I just referred to my breakfast as a “session.”  Look, it’s obviously quite an event to me, it deserves something of a title.  Depending on how many bowls in a row I feel like eating, “session” seemed right.  Gimme a break.  You’re reading this, so yeah, let’s not judge.


Taking a look at the back of the box, you have some environmental themed…flowchart?  I have to hand it to whoever designed this thing.  I’m usually not in the mood to look at anything resembling a flowchart until at least 1 o’clock in the afternoon, but you kind of tricked me with this with the colors and hand drawn art style.  Seriously though, I can definitely get onboard with the message here and what the Girl Scouts are all about in general, so this and the entire product is really cool to me.

So there you have it.  These things are pretty damned tasty and if some little girl somewhere is eating these things and gets interested in joining the Girl Scouts, that’s awesome.  I really hope this partnership with General Mills is a fruitful one.  There’s such a great catalog to pick from, and I’m always down with eating cookies for breakfast.

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